CoolFlex™ Standard

Ventilation Duct

An industry favorite, our CoolFlex™ Standard flexible ducts are light, versatile, and allow for maximum flexibility.

  • duct climate control
  • end of climate control duct
  • climate control duct interior

CoolFlex™ Insulated

Ventilation Duct

Our CoolFlex™ Insulated flexible ducts feature reflective insulation within two layers of fabric to reduce sweating and maintain the temperature of your hot or cold air.

  • climate control ducts
  • white climate control ducting

CoolFlex™ Blockout

Ventilation Duct

Ideal for warmer climates, our CoolFlex™ Infrared Blockout duct prevents UV rays from penetrating the duct by adding an additional layer of our 16 oz. Blockout fabric.

DynaFlex™ Hi-Temp

Ventilation Duct

For extreme air temperatures, our DynaFlex™ Hi-Temp ducts can efficiently move hot air while ensuring maximum flexibility and mobility.