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RiteChoice Ducting for Military Use

Industrial Flexible Ducts from RiteChoice are an integral component of efficient tactical in-field military operations.  Regardless of terrain or environment, adequate air distribution and climate control are essential for any successful mission’s shelter.

Because their lightweight elements are not only durable but collapsible, RiteChoice Industrial Flexible Ducts are perfect for prompt transport and easy storage. Their backup keeps combatants and civilians well ventilated to ensure all personnel are at optimum capacity for peak performance.

RiteChoice provides support for various military strategic applications including but not limited to:

Rapid deployable command and control centers

Field hospitals

Decontamination facilities

Communication centers

Forward operating bases (FOB)

Maintenance facilities and tactical hard or soft walled shelters

Lightweight, flexible, and strong, RiteChoice ducts are engineered to circulate fresh air through a helix wireframe enveloped in PVC coated fabric. They provide a viable solution for virtually all Military environments – tropical climate, sub-zero temperatures, high/low elevation, contaminated warzones, and more. Low-thermal conductivity, corrosion/flame resistance, and the ability to modify allow RiteChoice‘s to help provide safety and comfort that’s tough as well as mobile.

RiteChoice Ducting is a global manufacturer and supplier of American-made Industrial Flexible Ducting/Fabric Ducting for environmental temperature control and air distribution. Professionals in the production and design of high-quality ducting applications, we take pride in the craft of air distribution and look forward to helping you. Contact RiteChoice and see how we can help you today.