At RiteChoice Ducting, we are proud to be an American-manufactured company. It’s important to us that we provide the highest quality product and service, and a major part of that quality is making our products in the USA.


Whenever possible, we use only American-made components and raw materials. Whatever the necessary elements to make our ducts, we strive to be 100% made in the U.S.A. and as close to 100% American-made as we can.


Though we are a global supplier, we manufacture directly in Waukesha, WI, U.S.A., making RiteChoice Ducting a fast and reliable option for all our national clients. Shipping and delivery is quick and cost effective. We also offer pick-up options for local customers in Wisconsin.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver on efficiency and quality, and being an American-made company is what makes that happen. To inquire more about our manufacturing, to place an order or get pricing information, contact us by emailing Kurt Bilitz at or give us a call at 2627325750.