RiteChoice Ducting LOVES Dogs – Check out Dog Agility Tunnels

RiteChoice Ducting Dog Agility Tunnels

As you well know, RiteChoice Ducting manufactures high-quality American-made flexible ducting for multiple industries.  Everything from climate control, aviation, tent/structure, landscaping, military/disaster relief – RiteChoice facilitates safety and comfort any way we can.

But did you know that dogs love RiteChoice, too?

If you’ve watched an American Kennel Club competition recently, you’ve probably noticed agility tunnels are essential in modern dog tournaments.  

But creating the perfect dog agility tunnel is a little trickier than it sounds.  Dog training tunnels must not only fit American Kennel Club size requirements, they should be flexible, adaptable, non-toxic, and easy to store, as well.   

Does that sound like anything you’re familiar with?

Engineered with the same helix wireframe enveloped in PVC coated fabric as it’s temperature controlling older siblings, RiteChoice Dog Agility tunnels are transportable and customizable to any size specifications.

They were specifically developed as the perfect way to create safe, adaptable obstacle courses for our furry best friends.  

So how exactly are RiteChoice flexible ducts used for dog training/competition?

Dog training tunnels should be creative, interactive, fun courses dogs will love but are also simple for you to arrange.   

In that sense, Rite Choice Dog Agility agility tunnels are the perfect equipment.  Essentially custom made – literally – out of durable flexibility with lightweight components, it was only natural for RiteChoice to lend a paw.  

But what makes RiteChoice Dog Agility better than the competition?

Everything …

We researched the industry and found a large gap between affordable and easily accessible dog agility training products that are American Kennel Club quality.  With pricing and quality that can’t be compared, we can also guarantee prompt turnaround time because of our manufacturing capabilities.

Available easily through eCommerce options (featuring fun accessories),  RiteChoice Dog Agility doesn’t stop there.  The wholesale partnershipcreated with professional dog trainers and training clubs in mind – provides amazing prices for those seeking to make large purchases.  A perfect option for pet-shop and business owners, this allows us to easily distribute custom orders fast. 

American-made dog training 

Dog agility tunnels aren’t just fun for pups – owners love them, especially at this price and quality.  See how you and your furry best friend can have new levels of fun while training them and exercising.