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Event Tent & Structure Rental Ducting

RiteChoice Industrial Flexible Ducts can make any temporary and semi-permanent event, tent or structure feel like home.  Not only are they capable of providing environmental creature comforts like air-conditioning and healthy air distribution, but they can also do so affordably while being respectful of the environment.

It doesn’t matter how big it is or where it’s located, RiteChoice can be there to provide the right atmosphere for tents in any setting.  Extravagant ceremonies or provisional shelter for the displaced, RiteChoice delivers adequate resolutions to accommodate your requirements.

Industrial Flexible Ducts by the experts at RiteChoice provide tents/encampments with:

Efficient climate control for all sizes in any location

maximize airflow while ensuring safe ventilation specializing in temporary/mobile shelter

Lightweight, flexible, and durable, RiteChoice ducts are engineered to circulate fresh air through a helix wire frame enveloped in PVC coated fabric.  They provide a viable solution for virtually all temporary and semi-permanent facilities requiring HVAC – mobile homes, large tents, old buildings, sea vessels, and more.  Easy storage and transport along with low-thermal conductivity in a compact package allow RiteChoice to provide comfortable well being with lasting adaptability.

RiteChoice Ducting is a global manufacturer and supplier of American-made Industrial Flexible Ducting/Fabric Ducting for environmental temperature control and air distribution.  Professionals in the production and design of high-quality ducting applications, we take pride in the craft of air distribution and look forward to helping you.  Contact RiteChoice and see how we can help you today.