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Disaster Relief/Emergency Services

integral component for aiding emergency disaster relief housing and other facilities

Industrial Flexible Ducts from RiteChoice are an integral component for aiding emergency disaster relief housing and other facilities. Regardless of catastrophe or environment, adequate air distribution and climate control are an essential part of any successful provisional shelter.

RiteChoice Industrial Flexible Ducts can provide control over the climate of semi-permanent tents or structures. Not only are they capable of providing environmental creature comforts like air-conditioning and healthy air distribution, but they also facilitate ventilation to ensure optimum performance.

RiteChoice aid emergency disaster relief through:

Efficient climate control capable of accommodating large crowds

maximize airflow while ensuring safe ventilation

Rapid deployment

Field hospital atmosphere control

Decontamination facility ventilation

Because their lightweight elements are not only durable but capable of rapid deployment, RiteChoice Ducting delivers custom solutions for all temporary HVAC needs – temporary, mobile, etc. – with custom Industrial Flexible Ducts. Made of fabric laminated with premium quality PVC wrapped around reinforced spiral wire, our ducts are welded together providing maximum air to all the right places.

RiteChoice Ducting is a global manufacturer and supplier of American-made Industrial Flexible Ducting/Fabric Ducting for environmental temperature control and air distribution. Professionals in the production and design of high-quality ducting applications, we take pride in the craft of air distribution and look forward to helping you. Contact RiteChoice and see how we can help you today.