Tent / Structure

RiteChoice Industrial Flexible Ducts can make any temporary and semi-permanent event, tent or structure feel like home. Not only are they capable of providing environmental creature comforts like air conditioning and healthy air distribution, but they can also do so affordably while being respectful of the environment.
  • Efficient climate control for all sizes in any location
  • Maximize airflow
  • Ensure safe ventilation specializing in temporary/mobile shelter

Temporary Heat / Cool

Inside setting must be taken into consideration when raising a structure and proper HVAC is key for the ideal interior atmosphere. Control of an environment’s temperature and airflow that not only makes things more comfortable, but is also essential to the safety of the occupants.
  • Necessary year-round climate control – producing cool summers, warm winters, and humidity regulation
  • Maximize airflow while ensuring safe ventilation
  • Affordability for any project or requirement

Disaster Relief

Industrial Flexible Ducts from RiteChoice are an integral component for aiding emergency disaster relief housing and other facilities. Regardless of catastrophe or environment, adequate air distribution and climate control are an essential part of any successful provisional shelter.
  • Efficient climate control capable of accommodating large crowds
  • Maximize airflow while ensuring safe ventilation
  • Field hospital atmosphere control
  • Decontamination facility ventilation


RiteChoice Industrial Ducts are used for construction as vacuum, heating, cooling, and dehumidifying solutions. They help reduce contamination and cleanup for tight spaces when working on-site. RiteChoice Ducts are perfect for venting and dehumidifying those tight spaces on construction sites.
  • Heavy-duty construction for demanding positive and negative pressure applications
  • Portable and flexible design
  • Withstands the effects of weather and ultraviolet rays


RiteChoice Industrial Flexible Ducts manufactures durable products for ventilation perfect for temporary tents, structures, party rentals, and any active jobs sites. Rental structures are a very time and cost-efficient way to make more space for your operations and they can be used in virtually any industry.
  • Able to withstand the rigors of most outdoor applications and projects
  • Durable, flexible, and compressible
  • Convenient transportation and efficiency


RiteChoice Industrial Ducts for restoration are critical for dust collection and ventilation ducting. The ducts come in a variety of sizes for handling different levels of work including indoor/outdoor applications.
  • Ideal for bridgework, paint and sandblasting, dust collection, and woodworking
  • Highly durable materials to provide safety and efficiency
  • Can handle everything from dust to more heavy-duty, abrasive material like wood chips

Spot Cooler

RiteChoice Industrial Flexible Ducts can help with spot air conditioners, or spot coolers. These are self-contained portable cooling units that deliver targeted cooling to rooms, equipment, or people. Most of these units roll on casters and plug into an outlet, so you can place them where you need them, and the ducts can be placed in the right locations as well.
  • Cool and dehumidify immediate surroundings
  • Helps areas that have constant low temperatures and humidity levels
  • Excellent alternative to installing a traditional air conditioning system

Dog Agility

RiteChoice agility tunnels provide the ability to plan creative courses that dogs will love and are simple to arrange in fun, interactive ways. Essentially the model equipment for animal competition dexterity passageways.
  • Manufactured with the American Kennel Club requirements for diameter, pitch and lengths
  • Transported, set-up, and easily stored
  • Wide array of colors and details to personalize