Each of our custom finishing options are manufactured to make your flexible ducting as effective as possible for your application.

Machine End

The most common type of end that allows for a variety of connections. This consists of a double layer of fabric that extends past the end of the duct. Machine End allows for the most flexibility in attachments.

Hoop Cuff

A sleek finished cuff that is ideal for interlocking duct ends.

Belt Cuff

Ditch the zip-ties for a duct cuff with a built-in buckle. This style has a snug fit with an easy release and is fabricated using 1” polyester webbing with nickel-plated buckles.

Pin-Lock Cuff

This cuff provides an easy snap in snap out approach with pins that are fastened into a riveted metal collar on the end of the duct.

Worm-Gear Cuff

Worm Gear Cuffs consist of a stainless-steel worm gear clamp enclosed in fabric. When the included screw is turned on the clamp, the metal band tightens around the duct.