The Insulated Flexible Duct has an efficient design and innovative technology which are the foundation of every RiteChoice duct. As the seasons change, our Insulated Flexible Duct provides the effective application you need for temporary cooling projects. Let’s take a look at the layers that make up our Insulated Duct and explore its high-efficiency design:

(1) PVC laminated fabric

We encompass all of our insulated ducting in two layers of PVC-laminated fabric, which provides the same durability as all of our other duct designs. This white fabric is 10 ounces, which is heavy-duty enough to last through cold interior and high-heat exterior temperatures, but light enough to maintain its flexibility.

(2) Compact sheet of reflective insulation

Within the layers of PVC-laminated fabric, we’ve developed a compact sheet of reflective insulation that creates our anti-sweat technology. This prevents condensation from happening anywhere on the exterior of the duct, avoiding excess moisture that can occur when using a typical insulated duct.

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