Choosing the correct duct is vital to make sure it will meet the needs of an intended application. Let’s look at the importance of high-temperature flexible ducting and its applications.

What Are High-Temperature Flexible Ducts?

High-temperature ducts are made to withstand a variety of temperature ranges to meet the needs of specific applications. The materials used to manufacture these types of ducts are often durable and have excellent heat stability to be able to withstand high-temperature air and environments. Determining the maximum temperature to which a duct will be exposed is important to make sure it will be the correct fit for your application.

High-temperature ducts that work for a variety of applications include our DynaFlex™ line which is made from silicone. They are designed to withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. With excellent durability and heat stability, they are often used for ventilation systems that require these high temperatures.

Where Are High-Temperature Ducts Used?

High-temperature ducts are perfect for portable heaters, high-end HVAC applications, drying, and exhaust systems. These areas require a silicone duct that will be able to handle the high-temperature demands. Choosing a duct that is not designed for high-temperature specifications can lead to duct failure, which leads to injuries and other serious hazards.