Often used at construction sites or industrial projects, spot coolers and heaters can heat or cool specific areas, equipment, or people. Providing both temperature and humidity control for your environment, these units deliver desired temperatures efficiently and can be more cost-effective than traditional systems.

A duct is typically built to transport the air out of the unit through a window, door, or ceiling panel to a space not being cooled. Check out our ceiling panel kits that connect directly to the units for this purpose.

Common Applications

Portable air conditioners are useful and have a wide range of uses. Some of the more typical uses are listed below:

  1. Backup Solutions: Spot coolers provide temporary cooling when an HVAC system fails or doesn’t work properly.
  2. Special Events: Spot coolers can be used for special events in tent structures without adequate cooling or heating
  3. Construction Sites: Many building materials are moisture-absorbing. Warm temperatures and heavy summer rains can make issues worse, requiring the circulation of cooler, drier air throughout the site.
  4. Electrical Areas: Spot coolers are a great option for server rooms and data centers because they allow cool, dehumidified air to be directed right to the equipment.
  5. Industrial Facilities: Spot coolers are ideal for focused cooling in a small region of a much larger space. For instance, cooling an entire manufacturing plant can be costly, but providing cooling where individuals are working can be more practical.
  6. Hospitals and Laboratories: Cooling is frequently necessary for lab and patient care settings. The use of portable air conditioners maximizes comfort and efficiency.