The end of summer is drawing near, and with it, the final heat waves of the season. With the need for cooling and HVAC systems being more important than ever, having the proper supplies ensures maximum airflow and best results.

Creating a tight seal when connecting ducts together or securing your duct to an HVAC unit is the best way to make sure no air is escaping and your duct is working efficiently. Our variety of cuffs offer easy solutions to keeping air flowing while protecting against unwanted heat or cold escaping from the duct. Simply secure the end of your duct to your unit or HVAC system by using the fastener style of your choice.

We have four available types of duct cuffs, all compatible with our flexible ducting. Our hoop cuff can be welded directly to your duct for a seamless application. The pin lock cuff is a more mobile style with its ability to snap in and out of the duct. Finally, our buckle and worm-gear cuffs offer adjustable options for a tighter hold.

To find out which duct cuff is right for your ducting needs, or to place your order today, visit our website here, or call us at (262) 297-8900.