Summer is almost here, and with it, many outdoor event tents and structures. Regulating the temperature inside of a temporary structure can be tricky, which is where flexible ducting comes to the rescue.

The right air circulation in your tent or temporary structure keeps fresh air moving throughout the area. By using flexible ducting and a cooling system, you can recirculate the air to allow for the control of relative humidity––which is helpful to avoid in the summer months. Additionally, cooler temps and low humidity will also help deter any flying insects that may creep into the event space.

Flexible ducting is the ideal solution for keeping comfortable temps in a tented environment. RiteChoice ducts are durable enough to stand up to even the hottest, most humid summer temperatures, and flexible enough to provide cool air anywhere you need it. Our ducts are also completely compact and portable, making it easy to take wherever your tent will be.

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