Flexible vs Rigid Ducting

Ducting is offered in a variety of different types, materials and used for a multitude of functions. However, determining which type of ducting you need for your specific project. We’re here to help. Read below to learn the important considerations when deciding between flexible ducting and rigid ducting and discover what type is right for you.

Rigid Ducting

This type of duct is commonly used in more permanent fixtures, such as indoor HVAC systems. They work well for larger, commercial projects where a structure already has a heating and cooling system established and ready to work.

Rigid ductwork comes in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes. This type of ductwork can either be rectangular or cylindrical and consists of a solid material wrapped in installation. Rigid ducts are known to be enduring and reliable.

Rigid ducts are made of aluminum, galvanized steel and are often insulated with fiberglass. Naturally, rigid ducts are a more expensive option due to their more permanent nature. Finally, the installation process for rigid ducting is more extensive; it often requires a professional contractor and more time to make a proper installation.

Flexible Ducting

Our flexible ducting—typically made of PVC, silicone, polyurethane and/or a neoprene-dipped polyester fabric— allows for optimal flexibility and adjustability for whatever angle you need to reach. These ducts are a more portable option for heating and cooling as they are lighter and can be compacted.

Additionally, flexible ducting is a more affordable option that can be installed quickly and easily by almost anyone. Though flex ducting is typically used for more temporary installments, it can be used as additional ventilation for a more permanent, rigid ducting system. It is also applicable for indoor and outdoor projects because of its durable fabric and ability to be insulated for maximum temperature control.

For any flexible ducting needs, RiteChoice Ducting specializes in a variety of options. Explore our website to learn more about our ducting applications and contact a sales representative to place your order today.